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Dynaudio Professional
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Dynaudio Professional studio monitors – designed to speak the truth

Dynaudio Professional has provided countless audio professionals with first-class monitoring solutions for decades. The Danish loudspeakers are the definitive choice for pro audio studio and broadcast professionals around the globe.

Innovative in engineering, precision manufactured, outstanding in performance, the Dynaudio Professional range includes active, passive and surround sound systems.

NEW Core Series

Launched in 2019 to celebrate Dynaudio’s 30th anniversary, the Core Series are high-end studio monitor speakers, hand-crafted in Denmark to exacting standards. Core is the first series to come out of Dynaudio’s R&D centre, Jupiter. Core 59 and Core 7 feature advanced DSP which is easy to use to for sound balance, bass extension and accurate positioning.

BM Series

The BM Series are known as classic analogue monitors, for every aspect of sound engineering and reproduction. They are used in music and speech monitoring, mixing, broadcast studios and OB vans, editing suites, post production and recording studios and playback rooms.

BM Active Nearfields are ground-breaking active nearfield monitoring solutions that deliver staggering precision, power and clarity.

BM Series Active Subs are Compact, powerhouse subwoofers crafted to provide the perfect match for any BM Series monitoring system.

LYD Active Nearfields

Award winning LYD Series offers producers and musicians near-field speakers that excel at low volume precision. LYD Series is designed to be a simple monitor range, drawing from Dynaudio’s experience in studios around the world, and applying that experience to a monitor designed for anyone to use without a manual. Available in black or white/black in a number of different sizes.

Reviews of the LYD Series can be found here.

Main Monitor Systems

M Series combine world-class driver and cabinet technology to create the ultimate main monitoring system used by pro audio professionals around the world. The M series creates a rich, full sound for recording, mixing and dubbing, giving you everything you would expect from a main monitor.

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