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With several pioneering products to its name, James Loudspeaker has set the benchmark for high-performance residential, commercial and marine audio solutions.  
Established in 1999, the leading specialist team at James Loudspeaker has combined technology with aesthetic excellence, providing a range of custom audio solutions that can be fitted anywhere. They're made from high-quality, hard-wearing materials such as aircraft-grade stainless steel and aluminium.

Their product range includes:

Home applications, Discrete installations – in-room, bookshelf and wall-mounted, under furniture and eaves, Outdoors solutions, In-wall and ceiling speakers, Subwoofers and more

AT -Series

The AT (All-Terrain) Series is the signature landscape speaker line from James Loudspeaker. Available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs, AT Series outdoor speakers provide the perfect solution to all your landscape audio system needs.

OW- Series 

The OW (On-Wall) Series, Designed to be installed with a simple through-hole design, or with brackets to provide versatility in installation


The SA (Small Apperture) Series barely visible ultra-high-performance architectural speakers have been created to redefine the concept of a décor-matched entertainment system

SPL Series

The SPL Soundbar series provides the perfect solution for all your home entertainment needs. Each bar comes completely customised for your TV. Not only do we guarantee that your bar will perfectly match the size of your television, we make sure that your bar comes in the colour and format that you want.


The ST (Subterranean) Series Landscape Subwoofers provides the perfect solution to integrated outdoor audio, these direct-burial subwoofers eliminate the need for an exposed bulky enclosure by hiding the main portion of the subwoofer underground.


The Wedge Series are specialized all-terrain boundary application speaker systems for integration into a 90 degree corner, such as at 2 walls or a wall and ceiling.