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With the creation and processing of content changing continuously, today's digital broadcast and media system markets become increasingly competitive, diverse and demanding, so the right choice of video and audio production technology is critical to success.

The team at Amber Technology understand and have experienced the full spectrum of broadcast and media systems solutions. From national broadcaster facilities, outside broadcast to purpose-built corporate content creation studios, our experienced staff can assist. Additionally, we have a broad range of supporting products that can be drawn from to add to the project build or for ongoing needs, giving Amber Technology the ability to source, supply and support all of your requirements.

At Amber Technology, our range of leading broadcast and media acquisition, storage, processing, management and delivery solutions has been carefully selected to deliver 24/7 performance and reliability with maximum flexibility and efficiency - all supported by an engineering team with the experience and expertise to match. The brands we represent include recognised global leaders in broadcast technology, including EVS, Avid, Ateme, Vinten robotics, DPA Microphones and Solid State Logic consoles.

We understand that the needs of a broadcast company today extend far beyond the supply of media systems equipment. Amber Technology can offer not only the brands and products to assist you to complete your project, we also can offer advice, support and service throughout the process of creating the right media system.

Our complete end-to-end consultancy service is designed to ensure that your new system solutions needs are matched perfectly to the most appropriate product or products from the technology platforms available. Amber maintains an in-depth engineering support structure to provide our customers with system solutions, operational training, and expert advice for all broadcasting needs. Plus, we can draw from our extensive portfolio of brand and products in our pro audio range to also supply the necessary ancillary equipment required for the project and your ongoing requirements, such as cables and connectors, acoustic panels and professional microphones.


Expert assistance throughout your project

The Amber Technology team of experienced broadcast professionals will work with you to scope out the needs of your project.  Amber offers a complete end-to-end consultancy service to ensure that your new system solutions needs are matched perfectly to the most appropriate product or products from the technology and brand platforms available.

Amber has specialised design engineers inhouse who can draw on in-depth system solutions and provide expert advice to help design and create the right media system for your specific requirements. The team's depth of knowledge and experience combines with the expertise of our manufacturer partners to develop a complete solution.

The Technical Services Group (TSG) is available to assist you right throughout the entire project, and Amber understands that the needs of a broadcast company extend far beyond just the supply of media systems equipment. Amber offers customers total system solutions, operational training, and expert advice.

TSG plays a key role in fulfilling our commitment to providing broadcast services for our customers providing more than after-sales support. They are here to assist with the complete spectrum of engineering challenges associated with design, installation, equipment commissioning and further ongoing support.

Our team draw from an extensive portfolio of brand and products in Amber's broadcast range when designing your media system. With access to the complementary pro audio range of products, Amber also supplies the necessary ancillary equipment required for the project and ongoing requirements, such as cables and connectors, acoustic panels, and professional microphones.

After implementation the next task is to train your staff to use the system. We have a dedicated training team to guide your staff on how to use the new system effectively, and can create a dedicated training program to be delivered onsite at your facility or at Amber's in-house training facility located in Sydney.

Post sales Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are available to ensure you have 24/7 coverage, giving you confidence knowing that our expert engineering technicians are available and on hand to match the demands of today’s broadcasting and media systems.  Once your project has been completed Amber offer 24/7 support, where our experienced technicians from Technical Services Group (TSG) are available to assist and trouble shoot in-real time.

What are Broadcast Solutions?

Broadcast solutions vary in size and complexity. The experienced team at Amber Technology can design complete solutions for your specific broadcast equipment needs. Our extensive portfolio of Media Systems brands and products draws from the following categories.

Video Production and Editing Systems

The latest in cutting-edge video production and editing systems for studio, sports and OB, with the most recent tools and custom solutions. We can design and build studios with broadcast equipment including studio cameras, professional microphones, camera supports and robotics, studio clocks, lights and master timecode systems. We have real-time graphics, DVE, Video switchers, mixers and presentation systems with operation, connection and control over Copper, Fibre, IP networks, LAN, WAN and broadband internet.

Data Storage, Management and Distribution 

The most flexible and powerful storage and asset management systems available, ranging from small studio productions to full nationwide enterprise solutions. The Media Systems team can design and build data management systems on hardware and in data centres that deliver storage, manipulation, management, production and distribution of content for everything from a single user up to hundreds of simultaneous clients. 

Digital asset management is central to any media operation in today’s market, maximising use and monetisation of valuable production footage and documents. Ingest, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of video, audio and data files can be dramatically simplified through our comprehensive range of complete Media Asset Management solutions. Plus we have solutions for automated QC, analysis and reporting, with full workflow integration.

Shared media networks deliver efficiencies in media workflows that really make the difference. Amber offers exceptional expertise and equipment solutions for multi-channel ingest and browsing, workflow-engineered shared storage for editing workgroups and the best in backup, mirroring and archive systems.

Video Delivery

Content is only useful if it is delivered, whether on a closed network to desktop clients and TVs, over the internet as a full broadcast channel or via a streaming service. Amber have a range of encoders, multiplexers, modulators, satellite and wireless transmission; contribution/acquisition systems and streaming solutions, from compact cost-effective desktop encoders to full Enterprise distribution platforms. We can engage at every level of the distribution challenge. For every challenge we can propose a solution, over the past 30 years in the broadcast industry, we've successfully developed solutions for every challenge encountered. 

Studio Infrastructure

Our range includes infrastructure equipment required to complete an in-house production, with studio design, camera robotics, cameras, studio lighting and prompting available from leading brands including Vinten.

We also carry a full range of supporting AV equipment including cable and connectors for data and structured cabling, equipment testing and diagnostics systems, recording microphones, studio consoles, acoustic panels, mounting, racks, transit and storage solutions up to full military bespoke specifications including custom designed transport cases.

Cloud Processing and IP Video 

Complete data centre hardware implementations, with software that runs on any type of infrastructure or a hybrid. Whether On-Premise or Off-Premise, Private or Public, “Cloud” processing and storage is a vital part of a designer’s consideration for both current and future business success. Amber Technology work with the leading brands of both Private and Public Cloud systems providers, and can propose pure or hybrid solutions delivering results today with a clear path to the future. We offer complete data centre hardware implementations, with software that runs on any type of infrastructure – or a hybrid.

Audio and Video Post Production

Post-Production includes editing and assembling raw footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects, and graphics, using the tools to turn raw video and audio into professionally finished programming. Our experience in the area of post production for video and audio is unmatched – a fact that is well appreciated by our suppliers and customers, who consistently turn to us for their most complex operational setups. 

Remote Broadcast and Communication Operations 

Our range includes meshing data radios, satellite systems, bonded Telco services, fibre, copper, Internet, WAN, LAN and microwave to address the challenges of remote operation and collaboration. In Australia and New Zealand connectivity frequently means overcoming geographical challenges unique to our area.  Amber Technology's products have been at the heart of remote productions in the most challenging arenas known to man. From the dust of the outback to the depths of a stadium, Amber’s teams have been instrumental in ensuring that equipment is seamlessly integrated to deliver the show on time and to the right standard.

Whether the requirement is for military communications and video, or a basketball game at the University courts, we can provide a platform to ensure that operations go smoothly, time and time again. Remote collaboration also means connectivity between one location and another for more mundane day-to-day operations. Our range of cloud-based and WAN-Connected workflow management systems facilitate efficient use of local contributors in all areas of video and audio production.

Media Workflow Management Tools

Broadcast Management software for ingest, storage, modification and distribution processes in any number of dynamic or preset ways to maximise the ROI from your equipment, staff and creative assets. Modern media workflow tools can organise ingest, storage, modification and distribution processes in any number of dynamic or preset ways to maximise the ROI from your equipment, your staff and your creative assets. Examples include:

  • Automated Archiving from expensive high speed storage to low cost archive storage
  • Automated production of fully optimised transcoded files for multi-format delivery to Social Media or web-based content delivery systems
  • Optimised workflow between departments (Ingest, Graphics, Post, Finishing, for example) to cut delivery times to the minimum
  • Automated versioning of promotions that eliminates repetitive editing tasks using template driven processes generating and conforming multi-layered video compositions with transitions and effects, audio and graphics for multiple broadcast markets

Find out more about Broadcast Solutions

Tell us about your company, and Amber Technology can use their experience and expertise to design the appropriate broadcast services Australia and New Zealand markets need.

The Amber Technology Media Systems and DLES teams operate nationally in both Australia and New Zealand. You can email the Media Systems team to arrange to discuss your specific project requirements, or our Head Office phone number is 61 2 9998 7600 to speak with one of our team.

Our Media systems group caters for every market where media needs to be created, managed and delivered


Commercial and Enterprise



Houses of Worship


Congratulations to our Media Systems team who have been awarded the Telestream Partner 2020 -2022 Best Performance Partner Asia Pacific for Media Processing and Workflow Automation.

Amber Technology, currently distributes the workflow automation, streaming, media processing and cloud services within the Telestream range. 

The addition of Telestream Video Test and Synchronisation products expands the Telestream offering in the Amber Technology Media Systems portfolio of video content delivery solutions addressing the market’s ever-changing media requirements.

Contact for all enquiries about Telestream’s Video Test and Synchronisation products.

Defence, Law Enforcement and Security Sector (DLES)

The needs of these specific markets are very well understood by our dedicated DLES team who work with government and Prime Contractors on projects for defence, emergency services and other specialised communications networks.

Amber Technology offer specialised products relevant to the Defence, Law Enforcement and Security communities, plus a wide range of audio/visual systems for corporate and enterprise markets. In the networked defence force market, we offer specialised defence products, plus audio/visual systems focussed on capture, processing, storage and distribution of voice, video and data.

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