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JBL Synthesis
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Born out of Hollywood’s desire for cinema sound in the 1930’s when movie theatre sound was becoming more about the experience, it was then that JBL got involved.

The speakers that were designed by Founder James B Lansing were some of the best. Firstly, being chosen for sound at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 then in 1983, when LucasFilm decided to develop THX sound for commercial theatres, they chose JBL to be their partner.

Nine years later, JBL Synthesis released the first THX home theater system. Today, JBL Synthesis offers the most advanced multi-channel audio system available in the world, with the ability to scale from small intimate spaces to the largest private home cinemas.

Using patented technologies to create immersive, accurate sound the proprietary technologies differentiate a JBL Synthesis system, delivering performance unlike any other solution.


Most commercial theatres use compression drivers because they can go from playing soft notes to filling an entire theatre with sound without distorting. All JBL Synthesis speaker components use compression driver technology that has trickled down from high-performance JBL speakers used in commercial cinemas and touring systems.


JBL Synthesis engineers work with your dealer to design a turnkey package that will be able to provide a cinematic audio experience in your space and budget. A turnkey package that complements the dimensions of your room, the acoustic treatment and aesthetics.


The first in the product offerings in JBL Synthesis portfolio is the Electronics Range. With surround processor preamplifiers, multichannel amplifiers, and digital equalisers, the Synthesis range is available to work for all sized projects and budgets.


For speakers, there are now options to fit all kinds of environments. From a fully hidden system to combination of in-room speakers and in-wall loudspeakers or in-ceiling speakers. JBL Synthesis loudspeakers will help transform any space into the ultimate home theatre experience.