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Bulk and Pre-made Cables

The Liberty AV Solutions range consists of high quality bulk and pre-made wire and cable, plus connectors, adaptors, and other hardware items needed to complete an installation. The full range of bulk and pre-made cable options make it easy for the installer to source everything needed together.


Liberty's Digitalinx HDMI Adapter Ring has sleeker adapter sizes with gold-plated connectors to ensure reliable connectivity in a compact format for tighter spaces. The patent-pending stainless steel ring and clamp locks in the HDMI cable going to the display while all of the adapters are at your fingertips. The adapters are guaranteed to stay locked to the HDMI cable so they won't get lost during a presentation. Boardrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, classrooms and other mixed use venues should never be without it.


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Bulk Serial Digital COAX Cable

Liberty offers a range of high performance serial digital HDTV cables each featuring excellent speed and reliability for maximum frequency response over long runs. From Mini-RG59 to RG6 sized formats, all Liberty products are swept to 4.5 GHz and feature exceptional SRL ratios. These cables support up to 3G-SDI formats, plus all analogue and digital audio formats that use coaxial cable.

Bulk Speaker Cable

Choose from a wide selection of speaker cables, including THX Certified models, from one of the world’s largest and most respected cable manufacturers.

Connector Solutions

Precision connector solutions designed to provide a perfect fit and performance match for the Liberty cable range.
Liberty AV
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