CP Cases

High Performance Protective Cases

CP Cases boasts a small and highly skilled team totally dedicated to designing and producing the best protection for your essential equipment's storage, transportation and deployment.

The CP Cases range includes high-performance protective cases, 19 inch racks and rugged textiles used for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment in a variety of commercial and military applications including:

  • Broadcast
  • Defence
  • Energy and Marine
  • Live events
  • Medical
  • Police and security

Many products are accredited to MIL-STD-810F, rated IP65 and carry NATO stock numbers.

The manufacturing process includes rotomoulded plastic, aluminium, laminated plywood, HPP, textiles and CNC foam machining.

In addition to a wide range of standard sized cases, CP Cases are able to design bespoke solutions for the specific requirements of a project.


For ultimate protection of equipment against saltwater, impact, vibration and extreme temperatures, for security during transit and arriving ready for rapid deployment.

Designed to meet applications in defence, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunication markets, Amazon Protective Cases are tough, lightweight and customisable to clients’ needs.

Amazon Cases have been designed to offer exceptional strength to weight and are suitable for military, offshore or other applications where delicate or valuable equipment needs to be transported or stored safely.

Ruggedised Amazon Cases are manufactured with rotomoulding which is ideal for creating tough, waterproof products, using a high quality polyethylene polymer that thickens at the edges and corners for extra strength and impact resistance. Amazon cases are available in standard UV-stable colours black and olive drab. Other colours can be selected as options.

The majority of Amazon products carry NATO stock numbers and are accredited to MIL-STD 810. Also, see Certificate of Compliance.


Broadcast professionals – from ENG news cameramen to high-end broadcasters – can choose from a wide range of bags and cases with practical designs using quality tested materials to protect equipment and provide ease of use.

CP understands that broadcast equipment is sensitive and valuable, and produces a range of broadcast products to meet these needs including camera backpacks, waterproof raincovers for outside broadcast, camera and filter cases plus mobile and portable solutions for emergency reporting.


The E Rack Series are ruggidised aluminium electronic transit racks, which are particularly lightweight and designed for both commercial and military applications

This shock-mounted transit rack is available in full and half-rack sizes with optional EMC-compliance, lids on/off. Ideal where weight, strength and portability are critical.


Specially designed for satellite uplinks and other applications where 19" electronic equipment must be transported and deployed without damage.

Unique, super-lightweight solution for portable satellite equipment, available in full 19″ and half rack sizes. Originally developed in close consultation with broadcast professionals, the SatRack Series conforms to IATA guidelines for checked-in baggage.

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View Certificate of Compliance.

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