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One Systems Outdoor Loudspeakers

OneSystems have established a reputation as leaders in premium loudspeaker manufacturing for indoor and outdoor venue use – even in the harshest conditions. With patented technologies that deliver full-range frequency and clarity, and made from weather-resistant materials, OneSystems build their products from scratch to ensure optimal output and audio quality.

Designed for performance, all loudspeakers and subwoofers are of the highest standard, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure reliability and conformance with specifications.

Their range of high-quality products include:

Platinum Hybrid Series Loudspeakers: a set of high-performing speakers for indoor or outdoor use that offer excellent sonic quality, and high output projection – a solution for every demand. Whether it is a loudspeaker for limited venue space, or large, high noise environments, all Platinum Hybrid speakers offer superb performance and projection, versatility, and long-life durability, making them the perfect solution for stadiums, concert halls, arenas and theme parks.

Silver Series Loudspeakers: whether it’s a 4.5’’ compact loudspeaker for designed for everyday needs, or a 15’’ two-way system with 60 x 40 HF coverage and 50 – 1800 Hz response for an outdoor festival, this series offers a range of products that are made to withstand inland conditions. They've been purposely built to minimise cable losses over long cable runs, further improving their usability and versatility. This line is being extended with even more options, as OneSystem continues to design speakers for all entertainment and venue needs.

Platinum Hybrid Series Subwoofers: made for extreme conditions, this series of subwoofers provide both depth and low-frequency support to OneSystem loudspeakers. Highly resistant to corrosion and the elements, they are made from marine capable, 316-grade stainless steel rigging and with internal reinforcement, ensuring that they can be used both indoors, and even in extreme outdoor or coastal environments. These subwoofers have been painstakingly designed to add robust, high impact depth to OneSystem speakers from a durable, compact enclosure, offering truly clear and outstanding vocal and audio output in any setting.

All OneSystem products are carefully manufactured from high-quality weather-resistant materials, with a 3'' layer stainless steel grille, weather and UV resistant copolymer and fibreglass, and stainless steel inserts. This allows for quality, durable loudspeakers with wider frequency and off-axis speaker response, providing consistent, superior sound in all small and large venue areas.

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