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Professional audio and video products

Roland's range of professional audio and video products maximise creative possibilities and can be found in broadcast and live production companies, sporting, entertainment and performance venues, educational and religious institutions.


Roland’s product line includes powerful multi-channel mixing switchers for live event production, streaming switchers that incorporate video and audio and multi-format matrix switchers designed for fixed installations. With the demand for 4K, multi-format video switching and USB streaming increasing as technology continues to evolve, Roland's switchers represent the future in AV switchers.

Expansion cards

Roland offer a range of expansion cards for their consoles, like the XI-Dante expansion card, XI-MADI expansion card and XI-REAC expansion card.

Converters: Roland's line of converters allow you to scale, convert and encode any video signal to another type of video signal on Firewire/USB. These converter solutions include options for SDI to HDMI, HDMI to SDI and multi-input video conversions. Rolan converters offer up/down/cross scan conversion and bi-directional conversion of video and audio signals.

Field recorders

these multi-channel, transportable, solid-state recorders and mixers are equipped with industry-standard professional audio and features. The R-88 portrays the new standard in professional portable recording devices for seamless integration of a recorder, mixer and multi-channel audio interface and the R-44 4-channel portable recorder is super compact and solid-state, making it an excellent solution for easy-to-use recording on the field. Other products in this division include the R-26 portable recorder, R-07 high-resolution audio recorder with wireless listening and remote control.

Digital consoles

Roland offers several mixing powerful and compact consoles to choose from that succeed in meeting any configuration requirement. Like the O.H.R.C.A-enabled M-5000 and M-5000C live mixing consoles, or the powerful and small 32-channel M-300 digital mixing console.

Personal mixers

Roland's line of personal mixers offer musicians the flexibility to control what they want to listen to during their performances. The M-48 mixer is the breakthrough solution for the avid performer, and the S-4000D REAC splitter and power distributor is equipped with embedded power.
Accessories: Roland manufactures a long list of professional accessories so performers and sound engineers can customise their set-up to suit their individual needs. Such accessories include rack rails, rack ears, carry bags and HDMI leads.