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Centralised whole home multiroom HDTV

HDANYWHERE creates smart home AV technology for residential and commercial applications. Founded in 2006, their products are designed to blend into any home and office environment, connecting AV devices on one sophisticated and consolidated app; uControl. 

While most HDMI matrix switchers can’t be used standalone and depend on third-party controllers to make it usable, uControl provides an included control solution for a whole-home AV system.

Their core product lines are centralised matrixed video and audio signal switching, routing, amplification and distribution systems - featuring HDA’s patented integrated universal controller technology.

They also offer a range of complementary connectivity products, including short and long-range HDMI cabling/interconnects, HDMI + control extension, HDMI installation problem-solving devices and audio accessories.

Multiroom Systems (HDMI over Cat5e or 6 matrixes)

Multiroom systems allow you to watch and control all your HDMI entertainment devices and set-top boxes on numerous high-definition TVs at the one time.

At the heart of HDANYWHERE’s multiroom systems lies the MHUB product range – a complete series of integration models for varying applications and capabilities. The operating system that binds it all together is called MHUB-OS and provides a ‘dashboard’ style interface of status information and settings. It makes it possible for users to configure the MHUB setup, including the pairing of MHUB AUDIO, cloud access, Network Settings, EDID management, uControl, from a phone without having to install an additional program. 

Extenders and Splitters

HDANYWHERE Extenders allow you to increase the range of an HDMI device up to 50 metres so that media can be watched in a neighbouring room. You can access movies, shows and recordings from the same set-top box, without the need for multiscreen subscriptions or a second Foxtel box.