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IP Switching and Routing

Pakedge is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance end to end networking platforms for residential and commercial AV applications.Pakedge develops best-in-class networking devices for AV and automation systems that not only support dense multimedia traffic in homes and commercial environments but also optimise it.

With an eye for innovation and problem solving, their portfolio of products include high-powered chipsets to support ultra-fast speeds even in the busiest of networks. Their sophisticated features prioritise latency-sensitive multimedia traffic, streamline installation and control, and enhance overall network functionality.


Specially designed wireless access points are sturdy and dependable, making them the best choice for the modern-day commercial or residential installation projects. Married together by sturdy hardware and enterprise-grade chipsets, you’ll enjoy first-rate performance at ultra-fast speeds and more leverage for multiple devices, regardless of the challenges that arise in every environment.


You can now stream any form of content from one central hub with ease and simplicity. Pakedge’s router solutions give you access to all the features you need for a smooth and versatile AV system. Such features include turbocharged processors, zone bonding for multicast routing and super intelligent traffic management tools.


These elite switchers have been specifically designed to let connected devices shine, with their full suite of premium features that are all optimised for AV and perfect for powering existing networks.

Power Distribution

Have total control over your AV network with Pakedge’s sophisticated power distribution solutions. These cloud-based units give you the capability to have control of your entire network at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. With Pakedge’s power distribution solutions, you can control individual units as you need to and schedule network operations to allow for automated power control.


Complete your network with single-mode fibre cables, SFP modules, power injectors, and compact temperature and humidity sensors. All accessories have been deliberately created to give you the tools you need for a complete setup.