Introduction - The Ambertech Group

Ambertech is a distributor of high technology equipment to the professional broadcast, film, recording and sound reinforcement industries, and of consumer audio and video products in Australia and New Zealand. The Directors believe Ambertech is a leader in each segment in which it operates.

The Ambertech business was formed in 1987 to undertake the management buyout of the audio and film division of Rank Electronics Pty Limited. Since then Ambertech has grown by incorporating a number of other complementary divisions.

Ambertech's core business is the ownership and management of mostly exclusive distribution rights with leading manufacturers. Strong relationships with its manufacturers are pivotal to Ambertech's success and have provided the basis for its solid growth to date.

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Share Registry

The Ambertech share register is maintained by Boardroom Pty Limited. Investors can access information regarding their share holding by following the link below.