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In the Beginning

Share Price History

The Ambertech business was formed in 1987 to undertake the management buyout of the audio and film division of Rank Electronics Pty Limited. Since then Ambertech has grown by incorporating other complementary divisions and by the ownership and management of mostly exclusive distribution rights with leading manufacturers.

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Share Registry

Key Dates

The Ambertech share register is maintained by Boardroom Pty Limited. Investors can access information regarding their shareholding here.

Aug 2001: Audioworks Acquisition
Dec 2004: ASX Listing ("AMO")
Dec 2019: Hills AV Acquisition



Who We Are Now

Upcoming Investor Dates

Ambertech is now a leading producer and value-added distributor of AV and Communications Solutions.  We support a network of professional, commercial and residential installers, consumer electronics (CE) & musical instrument (MI) retailers, content creators, broadcasters, government and non-government users of communications infrastructure across Australia and New Zealand.

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