Studio/recording microphones


A recording studio is generally a very controlled environment, where the ability to keep recording until you are happy is possible. When choosing a microphone for a recording studio, there are different microphone types to choose from.

Condenser microphone - a microphone in which the diaphragm is one plate of a capacitor. They are a very typical type of microphone used in a recording studio and are ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Recording at wide frequency, they are known to be highly sensitive and very accurate.

Dynamic microphone - a microphone with an electrodynamic transducer; either moving coil or ribbon microphone. A dynamic microphone is a more tradition style of microphone and can also be used in a stage environment as well as in a recording studio.

DPA Microphones products are used across a broad cross-section on industries ranging from recording studios, professional broadcast, live performers, stage productions and touring artists.

In a recording studio environment, DPA Microphones offer modular capsules and preamplifiers to create superior sound for high-quality studio recording situations. With a design featuring no transformer, this ensures extremely low noise and unparalleled off-axis response. The range is extensive and offers you superb-sounding microphones with any type of pickup pattern required for your specific needs. 

Featuring best-in-class directional performance, the DPA Recording Microphone range gives you complete control over the sound you create. The recording microphone range consists of DPA’s cardioid and supercardioid recording unidirectional microphones with interchangeable microphone capsules, preamps and accessories for the ultimate in flexibility for all music, film and broadcast recording applications in the recording studio or on the stage.

Apogee have a reputation of being at the forefront of recording technology. Their small flexible units for recordings on the go or in small home recording studio environments can be used for recordings such as podcasts or webinars.

JTS Professional offer large diaphragm recording studio microphones at an affordable price for those on a budget.