Panels And Monitors

Panels and Monitors

Amber Technology offer a range of interactive and non-interactive panels, interactive whiteboards, and outdoor flat panels from Hitachi, Newline Interactive and Sunbrite TV.

Interactive Flat Panels: Our range of interactive flat panels are the perfect video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive solution for any commercial or collaborative space. Designed to encompass all digital aspects of a meeting room environment both Hitachi and Newline Interactive touchscreens are the perfect integration tool for classrooms and boardrooms.

Newline Interactive represent the next generation of collaborative technology, bringing to the forefront an interactive touch display that allows you to work with your team faster, easier and more effectively. By providing a more efficient meeting style, these interactive touch screens give you more time to focus on other things that matter, like brainstorming new ideas, strategizing and analysing past results. These interactive touch displays feature TRUTOUCH technology that allows for fast, responsive video conferencing with another webcam device anywhere in the world.

Hitachi offer interactive flat panel displays with every model including ultra-slim IR technology, built-in operating systems, world-class anti-glare technology and 20 points of simultaneous touch. 

Non-interactive flat panels: Hitachi also offer a range of flat panel monitors without interactive features, for when you just need a high quality display solution.

Outdoor Monitors: we also have a range of outdoor monitors to offer a TV display solution to deal with harsh outdoor conditions in both comercial settings such as hotel beer gardens and outdoor areas, or residential settings such as patios or outdoor cinemas.

Sunbrite TV designs and engineers the only TVs in the world that are specifically built for the outdoors. These true, all-weather, outdoor LED LCD TVs deliver superior brightness while resisting the effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays.