• Silvus Technologies back up bushfire communications for NSW Telco Authority

The Silvus system was selected following field trials to establish performance compatibility with the Authority's systems and applications, and delivers a high bandwidth self-forming, self-healing data mesh that can easily be set up in the field.

“The mesh system comprises four radios installed onto three collapsible masts, one radio on each of two masts, and a pair of radios on a third mast. The third mast provides a relay station halfway between the other two masts, allowing links to be established over extended ranges and in difficult terrain. Each mast system can be operated in the 2.4 GHz ISM band or the 4.9 GHz Public Safety band. This was supplied with a battery solution to allow extended operation in unattended locations. Amber assembled and delivered the systems within four days of receiving the request from NSW Telco Authority,” commented Ross Caston, general manager DLES, Amber Technology.

Silvus radios deliver superior performance compared with conventional MESH solutions, providing performance and robustness that typically exceeds conventional Microwave or 802.11 platforms, but in less spectral bandwidth and in significantly more challenging and mobile environments.

“Under the extreme bushfire conditions, the Silvus Technologies solution presented an ideal solution for the NSW Telco Authority,” said Caston. “The system is expandable, simple, and quick to deploy in temporary installations, and incorporates its own voice communications system. Radio management can be performed remotely, and adjustments can be made on an as needed basis to optimise operation for any given scenario.”