• How to create a HD video wall in 6 easy steps

How to create a HD video wall in 6 easy steps

With the new video wall controller from Gefen, creating a HD video wall is easy

If you are looking to create a multi-screen video wall,the new Gefen HD Video Wall Controller is the perfect solution. Typical use cases include entertainment and digital signage applications in retail outlets, clubs, trade shows, control centers, building lobbies, and other similar venues.

You can install 4 HDTV displays in a 2x2 configuration to create a large video wall. It accepts a single HDCP-compliant HDMI source and divides it onto four equally sized displays, each with resolution up to 1080p.

The On-screen Graphical User Interface simplifies the system configuration.

How to do it:

  1. Using the included HDMI cable, connect an HDCP compliant source to the HDMI input on the Video Wall Controller. Using additional (not included) HDMI cables, connect four Hi-Def displays to the outputs of the unit.
  2. To use the built-in web server, Telnet, or UDP to control the video wall controller, connect an Ethernet cable from your Local Area Network to the IP Control port.
  3. To control the unit via RS-232, connect a RS-232 cable from an automation control device to the unit.
  4. If IR control is required and the unit is not installed in line of sight, connect a Gefen IR Extender to the IR Ext port on the back panel of the unit.
  5. Connect the included locking power supply to the unit and to an available electrical outlet.
  6. Power up the HD Video Wall Controller, the source, and the four displays.

Package Includes:

  • (1) HD Video Wall Controller (EXT-HD-VWC-144)
  • (1) 6 ft. Locking HDMI Cable (CAB-HD-LCK-06MM)
  • (1) 6 ft. RS-232 Cable (CAB-DB9-6MF) (1) IR Extender Module (EXT-RMT-EXTIRN)
  • (1) IR Remote Control (RMT-HD-VWC-144)
  • (1) 12V DC Power Supply (EXT-PS12U3AIP-LP)
  • (1) Set of Rack Ears (EXT-RACK-19-GRY)
  • (1) Quick-Start Guide (QSG-HD-VWC-144)