• Amber Technology to distribute Jet City Amplification

Amber Technology to distribute Jet City Amplification

Amber Technology today announced its appointment as the new exclusive Australian distributor for US based tube guitar amp manufacturer Jet City Amplification.

With the addition of Jet City Amplification, Amber Technology further expands it’s growing product portfolio of leading music technology brands. Founded in 2009, Jet City Amplification continues to expand its “design by Soldano” lineup of all-tube guitar amplifiers, featuring simple controls, cool cosmetics, and sensible pricing.


Jet City Product | Marketing Manager Douglas White says: “I’m thrilled by this new opportunity to work with the good people at Amber Technology. Australia is an important market for us, and I believe this relationship will best lead us to better product availability and strong customer support. Welcome to Jet City, Amber!” 


Amber Technology Head of Product Management Leon Hart comments: “ Jet City Amps have the tone, good looks and rugged construction you would expect to find in an amplifier far more expensive. We always look for products that deliver unique features and exceptional value for our customers, and Jet City delivers on both. We are very excited about some of the new products in development, and looking forward to deliver those to Australian guitar players over the next couple of months."

All amplifiers and extension cabinets in the ‘design by Soldano’ series feature rugged multi-ply hardwood cabinetry, 16-gauge steel chassis, custom transformers, and 2-oz copper traces on thick PCBs for durable, roadworthy performance.  

The latest addition is the new 20HV Head. Based upon the highly popular JCA20H, is a simple, single-channel amp, and the all-tube signal path has been completely re-voiced. It’s a bit cleaner, a bit darker, and the power section has been ‘opened-up’ more. In addition to the Presence control, a a depth switch has been added, based upon Soldano’s famous Depth control. Finally, it also includes a post-master effects loop.


Jet City Amplifiers will be available through Amber Technology’s  growing network of independent musical instrument retailers.