Hearing augmentation

Hearing Augmentation

There are a number of different hearing augmentation systems, many of which Amber Technology can offer to customers including hearing loops (or induction loops), speech transfer products, queue management systems and secure transfer units. Contacta is a major player in hearing augmentation, who aim to improve the customer service experience through their extensive and versatile range of hearing loop systems and speech transfer systems.

Above counter loop systems: these systems are the perfect solution for service desk environments such as banks, post offices, supermarkets and information centres. Above counter, also called over the counter loop systems provide clear communication with hearing aid wearers, especially in public places where ambient noise is abundant.

Home loops: our range of domestic loops are sleek and powerful and can be connected to a number of televisions and other audio devices. These units let anyone with a hearing impairment listen wirelessly, directly from the source to their hearing aid at the best possible quality.

Portable loops: take your speech transfer system anywhere you go with Contacta’s portable loop unit with rechargeable battery, loop shelves for storing and charging your unit and portable loop receiver that has a headset and uses standard AAA batteries.

Under counter loop systems: providing a crystal-clear line of communication to hearing aid wearers, these under the counter loop kits have a flexible aerial that can be bent to shape, making it a very versatile and compact unit that can be installed anywhere in the room.

Loop drivers: Our efficient and highly portable loop drivers are constant currents and come in both single and dual outputs. There’s a solution for every possible scenario, including large-scale commercial drivers for theatres and conferences, to medium-sized drivers for meeting rooms and lecture halls and residential drivers for the home.

Tools and Accessories: Amber offers various hearing loop accessories that assist in getting the best out of your solution. Their range of hearing augmentation tools and accessories include loop listeners, rack brackets, signage, microphones, field strength meter measures and much more.