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 IP-Controlled Power Strips and Conditioners

The WattBox®   family of power products are not your average power strips. They’re uniquely designed with three lines of defence and individual outlet control, that ultimately reduces unnecessary technician callouts through remote access. 

Controlled and Metered Outlets

Each outlet can be controlled independently for advanced troubleshooting and there is the ability to reboot single devices without disrupting the entire system. Precise outlet power cycles and remote system start-up can be scheduled or create a customised sequence via OvrC to ensure your client’s system is back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Stress Less

The 800 Series WattBox offers surge protection and even automatically disconnects in unsafe voltage conditions. These features keep equipment from failing and provide critical protection for both AV gear and any files. 

Upgrade AV Installs with IP Power

WattBox features include access to individually metered and controlled outlets, advanced control system integration, and access to OvrC remote management. Together, WattBox + OvrC support every part of an install and remove the need to use multiple remote management platforms.

Form Factors for Every Install 

WattBox and OvrC work together to help remote troubleshooting to solve problems and limit service calls – all for free. Through the easy-to-use OvrC desktop or mobile app, devices can be rebooted and common issues fixed quickly to keep your customers’ systems running smoothly. Customers can be alerted when connectivity is fixed, creating an efficient customer service experience and saving the AV installer time.

What is OvrC

OvrC is a connected ecosystem that works with an extensive list of devices, including hundreds of popular products. Using multiple OvrC-enabled products in a job makes it easy to configure and manage an entire project in a single, easy-to-use platform.