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Slimline Bridge Bar Speech kit CO-STS-K060  


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Our selection of speech transfer systems from Contacta allow for easy communication between fixed screen security counters. Each system, equipped with their own unique set of functions and specifications, suit a wide variety of security environments such as ticket booths, banking and finance, information centres, airports and post offices.

Flush speakers mount: Our flush mount speech transfer systems come equipped with an omnidirectional microphone and speaker or as a kit including an amplifier, speakers, microphone, staff loudspeaker unit, power supply, IEC lead and hearing loop aerial.

Surface mounted speakers: Much like our selection of flush mount systems, you can opt for a microphone only surface mount solution or for a speech kit, including an amplifier, speaker, microphone, modules, loudspeaker unit, power supply, IEC Lea and hearing loop aerial.

Curved microphones: Available in options of grey or black, these speech transfer kits feature individual speaker and microphone units for the customer-side. They include an open duplex amplifier, hearing loop and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit.

Bridge bars: Our bridge bar speech system kits feature our most popular combined speaker and microphone module in a bridge bar style with in-built microphone. Many bridge bars we offer include our open duplex amplifier, a hearing loop and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit.

Dual overhead speaker: our dual overhead speaker kits feature a recessed bridge bar with glass mounted microphone for the customer side, a round-based microphone for staff and two sealed overhead speaker modules.

Microphones: You can opt for a single mouse microphone, surface mounted microphone or flush mounted microphone only, depending on your requirements.

Staff Loudspeakers: our all in one microphone and staff loudspeaker units have an integral loudspeaker, microphone and semi-rigid stem, adjustable neck and mute switch.

Speech system amplifiers: Our speech system amplifiers provide full open duplex communications and are compatible with all our speech transfer products.

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