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The Original Lightboard

Learning Glass is a US developed technology for recording classes, that gives lecturers the ability to write notes without having to turn their backs on students.

Learning Glass’ exclusive lightboard technology is made up of a transparent whiteboard and exclusive capture system, whereby the lecturer writes from behind on the whiteboard. The capture system records the written words and flips them so that they can be read by the students. The text, which is written by presenters with neon markers, is illuminated by LED lights in the glass base.

Learning Glass was developed by SDSU Physics professor Dr. Matt Anderson, who wanted to create a solution that would minimise student/teacher detachment in a lecture environment and make learning a more collaborative and engaging task.

Learning Glass can be used to generate recorded content, (flipped classroom), for remote learning (fully online and hybrid) and to teach face-to-face in a classroom setting.

How it works:

  1. Pair the Learning Glass with a camera, iPad or iPhone
  2. As the lecturer or instructor, face the camera and write as you normally would on a whiteboard.
  3. The Learning Glass app mirrors the image, flipping it horizontally.
  4. You can add a switcher or computer to insert PowerPoint presentations or other relevant imagery.

Products available in Australia and New Zealand include:

  • LGS33G Table-Top Lightboard: this 33-inch compact lightboard can be used on virtually any flat surface with ease.
  • LGS66G Learning Glass Lightboard: This 66-inch table-top lightboard attaches to any stable surface without the need to secure it with drill holes and screws.
  • LGS66T Standalone Lightboard: The 66-inch classic lightboard with built-in LED lights comes ready to mount on a height-adjustable table with casters.

Scott Riley
from our team talks about the Learning Glass technology.
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